Hate Mail… (but are they even #ActuallyAutistic)?

Yeah… it can get rough out there… :-\

the silent wave

One doesn’t have to have been blogging for very long, nor does one have to have hit the Blogger Bigtime before the nearly-inevitable happens: one can attract the attention (and the misplaced ire) of one’s very own troll.

I managed to attract two within the same week.  Go me.

Both are presumably officially diagnosed as autistic.  But I’m seeing some pretty neurotypical (albeit on the unhealthy end) behavior here.

The first “hit” happened about a week ago.  Apparently, WordPress marked a comment on my blog as spam (link to the post where I first mentioned it).  Therefore, I didn’t see it right away.  (And as luck would have it, I very-accidentally deleted it when clearing other spam out of the spam folder.)  Unlike many trolls out there, this person actually is someone that I’d been following on Twitter, and apparently, so are several in our Twitter friendship circle (although probably…

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