About this Blog

This blog is dedicated to widening the world’s understanding of what it’s like to live as an autistic/aspie woman in the neurotypical world. If nothing else, I’d like to clearly demonstrate that women on the autistic spectrum are, in fact, human beings with intact souls and the capacity for reason and cognition… and mind.

I’m autistic, not defective. I’m just different enough from most neurotypical people, that they often cannot get their heads around what makes me different… and what makes me human. I live in a parallel universe that is perfectly fine, thank you very much. I’m quite happy, actually, and the fact that “experts” describe people like me as having my soul snatched away, or being unable to have a theory of mind, just makes me nuts.

It’s also not helpful at all – especially for women on the spectrum.

This blog is for educational purposes. I’ll be posting my writings here, as well as news of my books. I’ve had  a number of them under construction for many years, and after about a 10-year hiatus (while I dealt with some chronic health conditions), I’m publishing again about being a high-functioning autistic woman.

It’s important. We get lost in the shuffle. And there’s really no need for that.

I hope you find this helpful.


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