I Don’t Know What’s Worse…

The fact that I became pretty much dependent on WordPress for my blogging activity, or the fact that I thought I could trust them over the long term to provide the kind of functionality and support I’d need indefinitely.

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What’s Worse…

  1. I’m not tech savvy and I use a free plan on WP. I figure I’m getting my money’s worth😂
    Until recently I did more writing in the comments of other blogs, than on my own posts. I came to blogging on a whim and stayed for the community I found. I still stay for the community. I dont use the other social media sites, so WP is my “social life”.
    Yeah, the block editor has made things more complicated. Even tech dumb me sees more glitches than ever before.

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  2. Whenever you post on your new blog, would you be willing to post a link to it on this blog? WordPress isn’t letting me subscribe to your new blog. Thanks.
    I sympathize with your frustrations with the block editor. I’ve been continuing to use the Classic Editor.
    If you follow the link below, does it take you back to the Classic Editor? It does for me (after replacing the blog name)

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