WordPress is kicking me off their platform

It’s become unusable to me. It’s slow. Little “interactive” widgets keep popping up on the screen, when all I want to do is add words. I can’t even add words the way I used to, because the typing action is a split second slower than it used to be, which disrupts the human thought process.

Much of this disrupts the human process, period.

What was once a pretty decent solution to the problem of “how do I quickly and easily publish my words?” has now become a bloated “next-generation platform for content creation”.

And that’s just depressing.

But maybe it’s what I need, anyway. I need a better and more logical way to blog. I need a way that leverages my 25+ years of coding skills.

I’ve been thinking about it, too. I think I know a way.

WordPress is pushing me out by making its platform unusable in ways that are, frankly, beyond them – and no, I don’t buy the whole excuse about “well, it has some kinks, but we’ll work that out as we go along”. That way of thinking has just wrecked so much of the web and the promise of technology. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s just…. no.

And if you think it’s fine, then you’ve succumbed. Sorry, you have.

Well, enough of this ranting. I’ll let you know where you can find my writing later on.

Time to go set up my other site.

Stay tuned


6 thoughts on “WordPress is kicking me off their platform

  1. OMG, the ‘new and improved’ (marketing words, if they ever were any) WordPress irritate TF out of me (not really sure what that expression means, but I’m going with it). Bloated and intrusive are the words that I use to describe it. As you note, things ‘helpfully’ pop up, disrupting thought processes, editing, and just the general flow. They’re exasperating, teeth-grinding nuisances. Like you, I don’t care if it’ll work out or if it’s really for the better. It just pisses me off.

    Hope I’ll be able to follow you on your new platform. Cheers

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    1. VisualVox

      I can’t even. I’m going to keep this blog in place, only for the comments. I’ll post to it, when I’ve posted elsewhere. I realize that one of the reasons I’ve been avoiding posting is specifically because WordPress has decided to trash my experience and make my life harder, and my life is difficult enough, already. The degradation in accessibility is appalling. As you say, the popup “features” are intrusive and disruptive, and (for me) the delay in what shows up, compared to when I type is noticeable and offputting. It’s like watching a movie that has the audio just a little out of sync with the movement of actors’ lips. I’d say WP is even worse, though. Especially with that formatting widget that pops up. It’s like nobody on staff there can sustain an independent thought for more than 15 seconds – and they think everyone else needs to have constant interaction to be fulfilled and productive. It’s so infuriating. it feels deliberate, tone-deaf, indifferent… And yet, here I am… 😉

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      1. VisualVox

        That delay really throws me off. I really can’t use it anymore. I end up just writing everything in a text document and then copy and paste it in, if I use it at all.


    1. VisualVox

      Thanks! I will keep this here for comments, and I’ll post notices about what I’ve written… but for publishing purposes, i’m done here


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