My Publishing Policy

I personally believe that many “autism epidemic” initiatives are opportunistic and predatory and prey on the fears and insecurities of people who are already at a disadvantage in life, having special kids in a world that doesn’t honor diversity.

It’s my policy to make my writing available free of charge, as much as possible, either through blog posts or papers available for download, or both. I do this in hopes of raising awareness and reaching as wide an audience as possible.

At times, I will create print publications of my work, which will be available at a reasonable (but self-supporting) price.

My intention is to make more information available to those who are in need of an insider’s view of the complex, puzzling and often confusing world called “autism”.


3 thoughts on “My Publishing Policy

  1. Andrew

    Hi VisualVox. I can’t find a contact button so I’ll have to write to you here.

    Could we share some of your dental article with some dental teams? We’re running a course on looking after patients and in the day we would like to include some tips on helping patients with aspergers.

    You can reply to me at the email address attached here.



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