Block editor hell

Here’s a video I made of just how awful and disruptive the block editor is

what you see below is what I’m typing in the demo. you can watch the video and just ignore what’s below.

This is text I’m typing in – and it is taking a split second longer for the text to show up for me, than it used to. There must be some behind the scenes processing going on, or the UI and I dunno what other kind of configuration are not well-configured.

Help me. Now… I’m going to bold something

no! WTAF is that? Why did they create a new block? Why is there this extra text above? I don’t get it! Everytime I highlight something, it pops up that “selector”? What a waste of time and processing and attention – I should be able to just highlight something wihtout having my entire train of thought destroyed.

But no. There’s this shit. And I mean shit

oh my god. no.


7 thoughts on “Block editor hell

  1. I haven’t been posting much but yeah, I hate the new block editor too. It seems to be designed for people who aren’t actually writers, which is an odd choice for what is at its core supposed to be a writing platform. Your post inspired me to see what I can do to replace it. I think I’m going to give the plugin below a shot. It says you can either use it in a “classic paragraph block” which sounds like a block that you can put your whole post in or replace the block editor with the classic one.

    Annoying to have to replace the editor, but at least it’s an option for me. I’ve never used I’ve always been self-hosted. I don’t know how much customization they allow. I know some people who have stayed or moved to (or maybe now) specifically because they wanted a basic writing interface that doesn’t keep changing.

    Good luck. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

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    1. VisualVox

      I would have cut away from WordPress years ago, if it weren’t for the classic editor. It’s the first thing I install, any time I stand up a new instance of WordPress. The classic paragraph blocks or steel blocks, and I find it I can’t even hit the return key sometimes without another in-line message showing up prompting me to use my mouse for one thing or another. It’s like they have no idea how people actually use their platform.


    1. VisualVox

      Yes, I use a classic editor for all of my self hosted instances. However, with, the version they provide does not give you the classic editor option. Therein lies my challenge.


    2. VisualVox

      I could absolutely stand up another instance of the blog on another domain I have. But frankly it’s actually easier for me to just build everything by hand and then cross reference it here for the sake of comments.


  2. I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about the block editor and what it’s capable of (the ONE thing I like so far is that it makes captioning photos easier), but overall I’m finding it really disruptive and hard to navigate.

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    1. VisualVox

      It really is hard. Captioning can be done easily in the classic editor – well, easily for me. It’s just. So. Difficult. With the block editor


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