Adieu Autism Awareness

As usual, a wonderful piece, which I happen to agree with – sorry, with which I happen to agree 🙂

Autism and Expectations

As another Autism Awareness month is over, I’m feeling silent. Acceptance or not, I shall carry on being here. Diagnosis or not, I shall carry on being who I am. Noticed or not, I shall still be.

Wasn’t it Descartes who said, “I think as an autistic, therefore I am an autistic”? Or something like that, I may have paraphrased slightly.

I do wonder if I have a way, a lever big enough, and somewhere to stand to wield it, in order to wedge autism into the public consciousness.

Using a lever is a satisfying power. It takes so little effort when you know where to push.

What do I want? More time to think about it all. When do I want it? Now. Always now.

I am comfortable with my autism. It just is. It’s not a value, or a judgement, it’s a dull old fact of life. It’s…

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