Knock it off ~ an open letter to the recent Twits (Twitter Trolls)

Yep. This.

the silent wave

Dear Twits (Twitter Trolls),

I’m feeling a wee bit feisty tonight.  I can’t stay silent about this anymore.  So tonight, I’m going to speak up and let it fly.

I have witnessed you exhibit deplorable behavior toward a select few members of the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community on social media (namely Twitter) over the past few days.  Collectively, you spontaneously pop in and out of conversations, targeting us, goading us, trying to hit our weak or soft spots….and for what?

What is it, exactly, that you hope to accomplish?  Exactly what problem are you hoping to solve?  What sort of sick satisfaction do you derive from this behavior?  And more importantly, what exactly will prompt you to think, “mission accomplished” and make you go away?

You claim to have a problem with us, of one type or another.  But you hardly ever quite state the root of your issue, or if…

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3 thoughts on “Knock it off ~ an open letter to the recent Twits (Twitter Trolls)

  1. Often wondered how seemingly non-autistic some ” autistics” behaved when bullying online.

    At times people are attacked for use or not using particularly terminology which is not in common parlance. Instead of giving an explanation as to why certain ” phrases” are acceptable and others not, the newbie -recent -diagnosed is castigated and at times publicly belittled. Belittled for their ignorance of the ” in terminology”, such bullying can leave someone reaching out for understanding and help adrift, without support of those who are in the position to know better.

    Maybe bullying is not confined to dominant cultures but live and well within autistic sub-groups/cultures ! We can overlook our own ” privilege” of being sheltered and supported by fellow in- group members.

    Your post is a welcome reminder to treating each other with respect. Thank you !

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    1. VisualVox

      Well, it certainly perks up your neurology. The flood of stress hormones that come from fight-flight sharpen certain senses and also dull pain, so getting worked up at what others do, has its neurological benefits — especially for those who may struggle with depression, be on meds that impact processing speed, etc. Getting outraged over something makes you feel alive, and a lot of us feel so marginalized, so numbed by everything around us, that it’s a welcome change for how we feel we can think / function. Of course, to others, it’s brutal, but we don’t notice that much.

      I worry about people attacking “newbies” for using the wrong words, too. That’s no way to introduce someone to our community. Or maybe it is… Maybe we all just need to be aware of how many jerks there are in the world, autistic and otherwise.

      We’re not ALL like that, but there are enough proverbial rotten apples to spoil the lot. Some folks never come back, and we’re the poorer for it.


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