Identity First

A delightful, insightful, highly useful compendium of who-comes-first language choices. Even if I weren’t included, I’d rave about it. Pretend I’m not there… and enjoy! 🙂

Ryan Boren

“People-first” language is meant to divide, it is meant to demean, it is meant to dehumanize, it is meant to pathologize, and yet, it is meant, as I said before, to make its users feel good. In that way it is ultimately destructive because it covers up the crimes.

Only when people get to choose their own labels will we get anywhere toward building an equitable culture.

Source: Using “Correct Language” And “People First” by Ira David Socol — Bowllan’s Blog

I’m autistic, not a person with autism. Autistic is my identity.

Identity first language is common among social model advocates. When hanging out in social model and neurodiversity communities, identity first is usually a better default than person first.

There’s a language gap between self-advocates and the institutions that claim to represent them. There’s a gap between parents and their #ActuallyAutistic

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    I love this! It’s so awesome how we’re all pretty much on the same wavelength. He expressed the topic more eloquently than I did, though lol 😉😊. Thank you so much for reblogging this; I’m really glad I got to see it! ❤️

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