And the respite continues — for real =:D

lone tree in the distance, across a snowy field
This is what I love about winter

I have to say, on days like today, I just love winter.

I am off work for this week (glory be!), and today was the day when my partner and I were going to go to her medical appointments. She’s changing doctors, and she needs to check in with a regular provider about a chronic condition she’s managing. Both offices are in the same building, so we planned to “bookend” them around a trip to the barber shop, which is just a mile or two away.

It was going to be so convenient — if dealing with doctors (old and new) can be called that.

To be honest, as logistically sensible as it seemed, I was dreading the trip. I hate dealing with doctors, and I hate getting my hair cut. Plus, I was tired, because I’ve had a surprisingly eventful vacation (thank you, Christmas shopping, cooking, presenting, and that danged flat tire), and I still haven’t recovered from it yet.

So, yeah, I cringed when I thought about doing the whole trip today. But it had to be done. Chronic conditions must be managed… or else. And since I have off work, it doesn’t throw my schedule into a tailspin, like it does when I’m in my workaday routine. So, it was suck it up time.

Just get on with it, already. Git ‘er dun.

Then it started to snow.


Just dumping on us, starting at 11:15 — like a starter gun went off, and all the flakes leaped into action. I looked out the window one minute, and there was no sign of snow. Next minute, I looked up, and it was a solid wall of white coming to earth.

More sinking feelings… because although I’m a great driver in the snow and I enjoy the challenge, it’s tricky with my partner, who has fallen several times on the ice and snow before. I always worry. And so does she. We really worry — and rightly so. The last thing we need, is for her to fall and injure herself. Again. She still hasn’t fully recovered from a fall she had about five years ago. It just makes everything harder.

Anyway, the snow was coming down so hard, we decided to call it a day. She called the doctors’ offices and rescheduled for Monday, which I also have off. Relief. Sweet relief. They’re not calling for any more snow for a while, after today, so that’s all good.

I went back to bed. And slept.

Now I’m up, having my afternoon sip of coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some potato chips – my favorite comfort-food lunch. I’ve got a great view of the bird feeder from my vantage point — the chickadees and juncos are out, and the downy woodpecker is around, too.

The holidays are DONE. I survived in one piece. I’m not happy about having to do them each year, but the aftermath is deliciously calm. And I can actually relax for the first time in weeks and weeks. I can leisurely go about my business, in my own home, free of social interaction and pressures, relieved of the need to go out and deal.

Sweet, sweet relief.

Days like today… I don’t care if it stays this snowy and cold for months.

That’s a good thing, because there’s a chance it will 😉

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