Yes… hang on…

Narcoleptic Aspie

I have been on a rollercoaster I think twice in my life. The first time I was real young and had no idea what to expect. The following time, I was goaded into it by a family member who said that I was too young to have really appreciated it the first time, and this time it would be much better. It wasn’t.

What stands out most in my mind, the reason I absolutely will not repeat the experience if I can help it, is not so much the hills and twists and loops, that part actually isn’t that bad, maybe I can even see the fun in it, the thrill others get out of it. No – it’s not that. It’s that sickening feeling of helplessness between the time the bar comes down over your legs and reaching the top of that first hill. The inescapable, escalating panic as…

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