Welcome Letter to Freshly Minted Autistics – now in paperback

When I wrote Welcome to our world – now it’s your world, too, there was a whole lot of positive response. And I thought it would be kind of cool to have a paperback book version of it. It might be something that people can give to their loved-ones who have just been diagnosed, or it could be a gift for someone who’s just realized they’re on the autism spectrum.

I’m a big fan of books – they’re tangible, tactile, and they don’t need to be booted up, upgraded, or shut down when you’re done with them.

So, I went ahead and converted the post into a little pocket book and made it available here

Welcome to Our World – Now It’s Your World, Too

By Visual Vox

Paperback: 48 Pages – with pages in the back for personal notes
Dimensions (inches): 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall
Price: $2.95
Prints in 3-5 business days

Welcome to Our World - Now It's Your World, Too

Book Description:
Realizing you’re on the autism spectrum can be both exciting and confusing. Many of us feel elated at discovering there is an actual reason for how we feel. For many of us it’s very exciting.
At the same time, so much is said about Aspergers Syndrome and autism, and a lot of it is inaccurate or driven by fear and misinformation.
How can you know what lies ahead of you? How can you figure out how to live your life the best way, with all this new information?
This book is written by a woman on the autism spectrum who realized she’s “a total Aspie” in February of 1998. This is her personal message to newcomers to the spectrum – words of hope, words of warning, and always – always – words of encouragement.
If you are new to the autism spectrum (officially assessed or self-diagnosed), or someone you love is seeking answers or newly diagnosed, this book is for you. It’s for them. It’s for all of us.

Of course, the original post is still up there. It will stay there. I just thought it might be nice to have a book version, as well.


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