“High-functioning” or “Splinter-functioning”?

graph showing line that spikes and troughs across the "normal" mid-line
This would be a chart of any one of my abilities… on an average day / week / month. Even from moment to moment.

Like many folks on the autism spectrum, I have real problems with the expression “high-functioning autism”. On any given day, I can be doing extraordinarily well in some regards, and downright pitiful in others. That doesn’t mean those abilities are static and/or will be the same over the long term. It’s just that it’s all very variable, and where I might be “doing well” in one situation, my capabilities will bottom out in a different one — even just a slightly different one.

That’s what makes this all so magical.

My recommendation is that rather than being labeled “high-functioning”, those of us who have the ability to do super-wonderful at certain times, are considered “splinter-functioning”, with the understanding that as glorious as we may be doing in one moment, that’s no guarantee we’ll be aces the next.

Just an idea…




One thought on ““High-functioning” or “Splinter-functioning”?

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