Open letter from an Autistic human

I can so relate to this post – it’s a really great piece, and one that I know a lot of us relate to. Me, especially. Having autism beaten out of you is no fun. And having everyone assume you’re fine and don’t need any help, because you’ve been bludgeoned into compliance with the social ideal, is no picnic in the park. I guess I really did it, because I didn’t know I had a choice. I was never given a choice. Then again… even if I’d had one, I’m truly not sure what I would have done. I might have hidden myself away, anyway. Impossible to tell.

One thing I do know for sure – not everyone seeks diagnosis when things are at their worst. Some of us want answers, because we sense things can — and should — be so much better. And a diagnosis allows us to start putting our affairs in the kind of order that works for us, rather than the rest of the un-imaginative world.


This letter is to everyone and someone in-particular ; to you and not you; to me so I can better understand myself; to the parents so they don’t misunderstand their children; to the teachers, bank clerks, shop assistants, carers, doctors, nurses; to my family and yours; but most of all it’s to you if it hits a nerve.

Allof my life I have suffered, struggled with a disability I didn’t know I had. A disability that meant day to day living was a battle like no other, where my senses where attacked every minute to the point of actual pain and I had to just act like nothing was happening. If I acted like myself and showed I was in pain I would be smacked , told that I was being pathetic, a freak , told ” You’re fine ! Stop acting like that !”, ” you’re showing us all…

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