Meanwhile in Australia…

A Dingo eats a Shark while 2 snakes have sex…

I saw this on Twitter this past week, and it seems like one of the best commentaries on the state of my life, right now. Really unusual things keep happening around me, at every turn. Things I didn’t expect. Stuff I didn’t plan for. Somewhat brutal and raw… and actually entertaining in a “wow, I never had that image in my head before” way.

Pardon me, if I sound a little… off… today. I’ve been fighting off a mother of a cold for days, and I think I’ve turned a corner with it. But I’m still kind of out of it, my filter is dramatically reduced, and my impulse control is not what it usually is.

That being said… I’ve found the most wonderful phenomenon, thanks to Twitter. It’s an article about The quiet revolution: China’s millennial backlash. In particular, Sang “demotivational” teas.

Description of Sang teas

Behind a stall in Beijing’s central business district, a barista offers drinks with names such as “Can’t-Afford-To-Buy-A-House Iced Lemon Tea”. Another stall of the same chain sells “My Ex-Girlfriend’s Marrying Someone With Rich Parents Fruit Juice”. This is the brand Sang Tea (sang meaning “dejected, dispirited”) — a business that began in Shanghai last year, initially meant to be a temporary pop-up stall to mock the brand “Lucky Tea”, but whose dark comedy and deadpan presentation resounded with millennials, and prompted franchises to open across the country.

Other teas at 丧茶 (English name: orz cha) include:

  • confessed, got rejected black tea
  • working extra hours every day slushie
  • ex-boyfriend is doing better than you latte
  • achieved absolutely nothing black tea
  • your whole life is a mistake macchiato
  • everyone is successful apart from you fruit tea with milk foam
  • no matter how cheap houses get, still can’t afford (fruit tea)
  • wasting your life green tea
  • failed diet latte
  • bumming around waiting for death green milk tea

And all of this is pretty wonderful. NOT that Chinese millennials are giving up on life, but that they’re articulating it in such entertaining (and honest) ways.

It gives me hope for the future, because seriously, folks, this whole scene these days is just downright absurd.

And if we don’t get some entertainment out of it, we’re sunk.

I mean, honestly, I just despair at every turn. That’s especially true at work, where the company is so “committed to employee well-being”, that people don’t actually do their jobs. Work can be unpleasant, time-consuming, draining, and exasperating. That’s just how it gets, sometimes. But the company where I work has prioritized employee happiness so highly, that when it comes time to buckle down and push yourself to go the extra mile, people go to fantastic lengths to avoid any kind of discomfort — or cause others discomfort.

That’s no way to run a business. I’m not saying you have to be constantly in pain and ill-at-ease every moment of your day, but if you’re not willing to put in the extra hours required, every now and then… or you’re not willing to make unpopular decisions that require others to work a little harder for a few days… or you’re more interested in eating your lunch or going home early, than you are in getting the job done… well, good luck to you.

And your company.

In this environment, people do not want to challenge the status quo. They want to keep things mellow and “business as usual”. But the decisions they’re making are not thorough, not rigorous, not laser-sharp. They’re fuzzy, general, and noncommittal. And the end result is a whole world of hurt for the folks who have to pick up the pieces afterwards. Not to mention the customers who are genuinely harmed by these slipshod, slapdash choices that are made for the sake of convenience and personal expediency, rather than sound operating principles.

Well, I can’t worry about it. Somewhere in Australia, a dingo eats a shark, and two snakes have sex by the side of the road.

Chinese millennials have their own demotivationally themed teas.

I feel better, one hour, and terrible, the next. And I’ll go back to bed in a little bit. Because I can. Two days off… remember? Woot.

It’s all good.

I suppose.

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