The *real* epidemic surrounding Asperger’s / autism 

Yes to this.

the silent wave

I hold the belief that Asperger’s/autism is not the “epidemic”‘that it has been made out to be.

More people are being classified as Aspergian/autistic, but there are many other reasons for that, some of which I’ve touched on before, and others of which I’ll discuss in future posts.

But not today.

Today, my goal is to talk about the real epidemic involved in the Asperger’s/autism spectrum. It’s not Asperger’s/autism itself, but rather, the reactions, response, bias, prejudice, stereotypes, misconceptions, and assumptions formed and perpetuated by non-autistic people.

I’ll pause here to clarify that notall non-autistic people do this, but that practically everyone who does this is non-autistic (or believes that they are, like I did a mere short time ago).

With all the hubbub surrounding autism these days, these responses, stereotypes, misconceptions, and so on could be argued to be a natural phenomenon. The loudest, screechiest “information” resources out…

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