Asperger’s / autistic characteristics are a double-edged sword

I concur 🙂

the silent wave

Is it possible for a “gift” or advantage to also be a disadvantage or disability?  Can one trait fit both attributes at the same time?

I pondered this question and came up with the following answer: yes.

(Wow! That was easy.  OK, I’m done!  Blog post written; mission accomplished.  Wait–not so fast… As usual, I have some elaborating to do.)

Focusing intently – true to diagnostic criteria form, I hyperfocus.  When I concentrate hard enough, the rest of the world disappears behind a blurry, nondescript backdrop.  All other elements become nonissues and are successfully set aside, temporarily forgotten.  This includes basic physiological needs such as eating and sleeping.  For a time, these basic human needs become non-needs; they become temporarily optional.  All there is, is the object or subject of interest.

This phenomenon has its advantages.  Being able to zero in for long periods of time makes me good at…

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