Monkey Bars- Gut Instincts

Great post – very thought-provoking. This is the kind of stuff we need to think about. A lot. Would be great if we could find some alternatives to one crappy relationship after another. I know it was a challenge with me for years… decades… most of my life.

Edge of the Playground

Let’s talk about instincts. All too often we as autistic people get bullied or taken advantage of by the wrong people. Why? Because many of us let it happen and do not even realize that we are.

In general, I have a tendency that I have worked very hard to fight of being attracted to toxic friendships and relationships. Why do I unconsciously seek them out? Because I crave social cues from those I am spending time with. Somewhere along the way I confused controlling, bossy, and bullying type of behavior as social cuing.

I think many of us may attract to bossier people because let’s be honest, it is exhausting to remember social cues and deal with all the sensory. So when we find someone who appears to be helpful in that way we don’t mind being bossed around a little bit because the trade off is we get…

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