OK, fine. I’ll go in to the office to work.

glass building with city reflected in the windowsI’ve been working from home, the last few days. It’s been quiet. It’s been nice. I haven’t gotten as much done as I do at the office, but I’m much more relaxed on this Friday, than I usually am.

Usually, by Friday, I’m wiped out. Destroyed. Barely crawling through the day. Useless, really, in a worker-bee sense. I’m not being hard on myself. It’s actually true.

But after the past few days of working at home — and having a nice relaxing Wednesday afternoon, when I took a nap and then checked my email from my bed — I’m actually feeling eager to go to the office today. I really do need the social interaction. Plus, it will be quiet. Very few people actually work in the office on Fridays. They’re all working from home.

Which is the best reason to go in to the office.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff I didn’t get done, over the past days, and it must be done by end of day today. So, I’d better get going. Life awaits.

And a quiet office.


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