All the #AutismLampreys…

Sea lamprey on brown trout
Sea lamprey on brown trout

Twitter has been, uh, exciting, lately. What with yet another “long-suffering” mother of an Autistic boy whose publishing a book recounting her bouts of domestic violence towards her boy with cathartic (for her, anyway) flair… and experts coming out of the woodwork to declare Autistic people “genetic messes” who create havoc because we won’t give up our egocentric agenda, possibly because we’re the products of two different human species breeding  and creating a “genetic mess” (yes, you heard that right – someone actually said that in public at a professional conference).

Good . Lord .

Iain McClure’s little riff (now I’ve properly spelled his name, so that’s an  improvement) really stirred a lot of stuff up. And #Elmomom’s gyrations — along with her publisher’s less-than-courteous responses to critics — have done the same. Of course, still more people pop up out of the woodwork to add their two… four… six… eight cents’ worth… All of it adding to the controversy, not to mention the chorus of Autistic, “Uh…. NO“s that ripple out from the virtual rocks they toss in our pond.


Lord, how tired I get of all this. And it occurs to me that a lot of people who are jumping on the Autism “cure” or “treatment” bandwagon are not so very different from lampreys, those fish that attach themselves to larger fish and feed off them as they swim through the sea. I just spent a few minutes looking at pictures of lampreys, and I’m pretty grossed out. Then again, that’s about the feeling I get from all these people who cash in on “fixing” Autistic kids for concerned parents.

Bloodsuckers. Tagging along for the ride.

“Oh, but they want to help…” you might say.

Yes, you might say that.

To which I’d respond, “If they really wanted to help, they’d get educated first about Autism, learn what it is, learn what it isn’t, and quit confusing extreme environmental and sensory distress with Autism. They’d quit trying to “fix” the very thing that’s at the core of who we are and how we are, and learn how to help Autistic kids develop along their own trajectory.

And they’d quit horning in on our lives, our conversations, our dialogues, our Twitter threads… all the while making bank from presentations and book sales and consulting and such.

Yeah, yeah… it’s a free country. I’ve heard that one recently.

I just wish we could peacefully swim in our own waters, without some other species attaching itself to us for their own benefit.

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