Transcript of Ian McClure talk at NAS professional conference (edited down)

Ugh. Just ugh. This from a practicing psychologist. Just highlights what needs to be addressed. And changed. We need to speak up about this stuff. If we don’t, it’ll just be more of the same.

Of course, there’s always the chance that it’ll continue, despite our say-so, but at least if we respond, there’s a chance things can turn in a different direction.


Ian McClure (IM):  The question I am trying to ask here is does it help us when we are trying to work with people with autism to actually say maybe this person is emotionally stuck at the level of a two year old, just hold that (inaudible) in your head for a bit

IM: and ok so we are coming back in hopefully, we are coming back to this thing about egocentricity, now what I, I have been wondering about is, if we did think about people with autism as egocentric in the sense of a toddler and if we do remember this whole phenomenon of regression, emotional regression. That suggests that maybe there would be a process for a person with autism, right at the beginning of their life, which was very stressful. Ok so I want you to just sort of entertain that idea in your head. …

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3 thoughts on “Transcript of Ian McClure talk at NAS professional conference (edited down)

  1. He’s “just asking questions” and “it’s a free country,” where people are allowed to say whatever they think and not consider the (deliberate) harm their words may cause… He knew exactly what he was saying, that by “just asking questions,” he was going to get at least some people thinking that autism = having the mind of a particularly self-centered two-year-old. And is it just my imagination, or did he come across at one point as sounding like a real Freud fanboy? (Some of Freud’s case studies were completely fabricated: not merely misinterpreted but flat-out made up, fictional, about “patients” who never existed. That’s Bad Science, and any “conclusions” from such “case studies” are automatically not valid.) I don’t like the idea of trying to treat every human condition with a drug, either, but the answer isn’t to go back to Freud and friends with their ‘all humans are sick and broken and in desperate need of a Psychologist to Fix Them’ worldview.

    (I couldn’t read the whole thing. Maybe I’ll go back and look at the rest later.)

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    1. VisualVox

      Agreed. He did veer into the whole Freud thing. Actually, more than “veered”. More like careened — and took the whole talk with him. The talk seemed pretty much like a setup for a Freudian approach — like the autism discussion was a convenient way to segue in that direction. Sigh. How incredibly tiring.

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