A little breakfast, a little music, a little writing, then I get on with my day

waterfall with path and stairs beside itI had dreams of being able to kick back and do next to nothing today. That’s going to have to wait till tomorrow. I’ve got too much to do before the day is out, to kick back and do nothing.

  • Drop off a letter at the post office. It has to go out today. It should have been sent out a few days ago, but life got the better of us.
  • Take the recycling to the dump. I’ve been taking the trash down pretty regularly, but there are cartons and bags of recycling that still need to get out. I also need to get rid of old clothes and a bunch of books that were impulse purchases, years ago, and haven’t weathered the test of time. There are donation bins at the dump. I spaced out last week and forgot to drop off the bags of stuff in the back seat of my car. So, this week, I’m making a specific point of it.
  • Return books to the library. I don’t know why I keep getting books out. I have plenty at home. But I can’t resist, somehow. There’s so much to read, so much to explore.
  • Pick up my car from the garageIt’s been an extra week that the worked on it, and it’s high time we got it back.
  • Food shop. Because we need to eat, and when I go to the mechanic, I’ll be near the grocery store that has good fish for sale. We need to eat more fish, so I’ll pick up some, along with some frozen mango. I make a really great piece of cod with honey mustard sauce and mango. It’s really tasty! My mouth is watering.
  • Get my hair cut. I meant to do that last weekend, but I couldn’t get there in time. I’m looking pretty shaggy, these days. Gotta fix that.
  • Clean up around the house more. Do laundry. Reduce the piles of papers, break down the boxes. Sweep out the garage. Move the pieces of the artificial Christmas tree into the basement, to make room in the garage for the car when it comes home from the mechanic. Just get things in order.
  • Collect my tax return supplies, so I know where to find them. I have a folder I started back in January, when all the forms started to come in. So, I’m ahead of the game there. Now I need to get my computer files in order — download bank statements from 2017 so I can calculate the profit/loss of a couple of businesses I’ve had going.
  • Take a nap. This is non-negotiable. I need at least an hour this afternoon. Preferably two. I’ve been getting a lot of exercise, lately, and my body needs to recover. From that, and the rest of life.

It might sound like a lot, but this is a standard Saturday for me. And once I get going, everything just flows. Because I’ve been practicing this for years and years, and I’ve built up skill in all these areas. Believe me, it hasn’t come easy, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, worn myself out, messed up, fallen to pieces, and put myself back together again. But now I can pretty much put myself on autopilot and just motor through everything. So, all the hard work has been for good. It’s paid off. Hasn’t been easy or pleasant at times, but it’s paid off.

So, I’ll drink my coffee and change my clothes and head out to the dump, where I can bid adieu to the paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass that’s been sitting in bags and boxes in my garage for weeks. Adieu! Adieu! Then on to the next thing.

Most of all, I can’t wait for that nap! A reward for work well-done.

That’s the plan, anyway.

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