The flavour of autism

Great stuff! Good food for thought.

to aspie or not to aspie

pexels-photo-594059.jpegYou know how some people say ‘tomato’ and some people say ‘tomatoe’?

Well I guess autism is a little like that.

Only it’s not about how you pronounce it, it’s about the subtle inflections and differentiations of meaning that we convey when we use the word ‘autism’.

Or at least, I’ve noticed, when I’ve brought up autism, that many people have a definition in their head, and I do not fit into it. That I’m saying ‘tomato’ and they’re saying ‘tomatoe’, so to speak.

We’re using the same word, but we’re using it differently.

When most people say the word ‘tomato’ they understand the denotative meaning of the word – this is essentially the dictionary definition.

The very basic definition of what a tomato is. This would line up with many other people’s versions of the word ‘tomato’.

Although for many people, the ‘connotative meaning‘ of the word…

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