Time for my first-day-of-the-month routine

2018 Calendar

Its time for my monthly routine — walking around the house, turning all of the calendars to the next month.

When we change our clocks, I adjust all the clocks in the house, first thing, before I do anything else. Same with calendars.

Every now and then, I’ll forget to turn a calendar over. Some rooms I forget about for months.  Then I walk into the room in November, and the calendar says it’s still July. That’s such a strange feeling, especially when the picture on the calendar is a completely different season than what I can see through the window.

It’s a nice way to start the day / month. A quiet kind of welcome in a quiet house, before everything gets “exciting”.

And now… off I go to get my daily dose of excitement at the office. It’s not so bad. But I’d rather have the quiet.

Tomorrow… tomorrow will be like that.

Gives me something to look forward to.  🙂

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