An actual spoon – how awesome is that!

cup of tea with a spoon
It’s been a long day. I got to sleep about 1:45 a.m., then I had to get up at 6:00 to iron my clothes and get ready to meet my boss and other colleague down in the hotel lobby at 7:00. We grabbed some quick breakfast, then headed out around 7:20. Got to the office by 7:40, found where we needed to be, and then spent the next 9 hours in meetings.

Ugh. Well, at least I go my second wind around 2 p.m., which was about 6 hours too late. But at least I hit my proverbial stride. And now I’m having a nice cup of hot water with honey while I blog my way back to sanity.

The hotel I’m staying in is one of those residence type places, where the rooms have a kitchenette and a sitting area, desk, and full bath. It’s pretty nice. The hotel is relatively new — less than a year old — so it hasn’t had time to get all broken down (yet). And they have actual silverware — or rather, silver-colored metal tableware — and real dishes, glasses, mugs, and a real sink and a 2-burner cooktop for a more civilized experience. Plus, there are a bunch of nice restaurants across the way within walking distance, so I don’t have to drive.

I think they know I’m a bit fried from the past 24 hours. So, why drive, right?

Well, anyway, it’s good to get settled here. I’d still rather be at home, but this’ll do for the time being. At least it’s in the 60s, versus the 30s, which is nice. And people are being decent, too (for the time being), which is good.

Lord, I’m tired. But I’ve got to go off to dinner in a little bit, where I’ll hob-nob with my colleagues and find out the background “dirt” on what’s going on. Those guys are such little gossips, but it really comes in handy, at times.

As for sensory overload, I’ve been in a state of it all day. And I’m a little numb from it all. It’s bound to be that way tonight, too, because my boss loves going out to eat in loud, busy restaurants. He’s one of those hypo-sensitive Aspies, for sure. He’s so autistic at times, it’s hilarious in that way where I recognize a member of my tribe and it just make me laugh with quirky familiarity. Of course, we never discuss the whole “Autism thing”, because… why?

Long story short, I’m starting to have fun. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for today, it was a good day.

My partner is making peace with me traveling out here a handful of times each year, and she’s just glad that I’m not job-hopping like I used to constantly do. I’m staying put, and that makes her happy.

But What does this have to do with menopause?  Ha! Everything. Because unlike years gone by when I would freak out and stay freaked out, my hormonal profile no longer compels me to lose my shit over everything and shatter. Once I get past the initial drama of anxiety, I settle in, rely on my past experience, and do what I need to do. It gets done. And because I’ve been practicing so long, it gets done right.

So, here I am, watching the sun sink in the west, as another day draws to a close. I’ll go have some dinner, then walk home, take a long, hot shower, and go early to bed.

Sounds like a plan.

2 thoughts on “An actual spoon – how awesome is that!

  1. Sounds like you are in a decent hotel at least. Here in the UK it is usual when you are a in hotel or Bed&Breakfast that you are provided with tea making facilities, meaning a tiny kettle, a ceramic mug or two, teabags, sachets of instant coffee and sugar and of course metal spoons! Sometimes they provide a tumbler, too, but that’s often plastic.

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