It’s Sunday. I should write something.

winter snow on treesI’m about to go back to bed for a few hours. After days of racing to wrap up things at work and adjusting to organizational changes (my group got shuffled around a bit), it’s really caught up to me today.

Once upon a time, I used to go out for a walk, shortly before midday on Sunday. I’d take to the back roads and walk for an hour or so. Sometimes longer. Then I’d come back, take a shower, and have a long Sunday afternoon nap.

Today, there will be no walking outside. It’s cold and snowy and too bright. The roads are not wide enough to fit all of us comfortably, and I’m really tired, which jacks up my sensory issues and impedes my coordination. I don’t mind the cold — I actually really like it. I feel great when I am moving around outside in the bitter cold. The colder it is, the better I feel, in fact. But I’m really too tired to deal with much of anything.

And I have to go out later and do Christmas shopping (!)

My partner and I will be going later, after most of the regular crowds are gone. We’ve got our list, we’ve narrowed down the stores to the ones that are all in the same mini-mall, and we know exactly what order we’ll do things in.

Which is good. It helps to have a partner who’s a double-Virgo and extremely detail-oriented. She also has mobility issues, so she’s always looking for ways to streamline our activities to be the least stressful and least taxing.

Anyway, speaking of being tired, I need to eat my chicken soup, power down the laptop, take a shower, and get myself into bed. I’m really looking forward to that…

Yes, it’s Sunday. And I’ve written something. So, that’ll do for the day.


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