Autistic children have the right to an Open Future 

What a fantastic post. So true.

the silent wave

First, please allow me to say that I personally know many wonderful blog-writers who are also parents, grandparents, or other relatives of Asperger’s/autistic children.  The overwhelming majority (yay!) of them treat their children with dignity, preserving their anonymity (or, alternatively, using common first names only, etc), treat them with respect, and refrain from writing long litanies about the (admittedly-unique, at times) challenges of raising these “unusual” children (enclosed in quotes because while autistic people may be unusual relative to the neuro-majority, it’s not meant to hold any negative connotation).

There is a subset (there’s that word again) of bloggers out there (not any of whom I’ve actually ever interacted with, and probably none of whom would be likely to read this), however, who utilize their blog space as a public forum in which to air any and all dirty laundry.

For this ultra-public subset, no topic is sacred, no…

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