Screw it

Hell yeah.

Who Loves Kitty


I’ve been lacking motivation lately; that’s no secret.  It’s been a struggle to get through each day.  I’ve been aimlessly wandering, trying to rediscover my purpose, trying to find my mojo, trying to get back on the horse, trying to recover myself again.

I’ve been lost.

Today, a little voice whispered, “screw it”.

This little voice continued on, explaining herself…

Screw the world that doesn’t recognize you; work anyway.  Screw the tight bank account; get your hair done again.  Screw the closed chapters; start learning again anyway.  Screw the inertia; get moving again.

Reclaim and recover yourself; you’re still in there, and you’re still you.  Yes, you’re fighting against greater odds and steeper hills and higher walls.  The obstacles are larger.  But so is your knowledge, so is your insight, so are your skills, so is your experience, and so are You.

Do not let the world win or weigh…

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