Time to get visual again

stairs outside building

Every now and then, I grow weary of words. Like, every September. Last year, this time, I went non-verbal… seems to be something about this season.

This is one of those times. Again. It’s not because I don’t like words… I love them. They ground me. They help me make sense of things.

But currently, I have to stay focused on a very narrow set of endeavors. Work is incredibly, distractingly, defeatingly busy… all with no real sense of any of it being worth it (though that may be my alexithymia acting up). I have a few top-priority personal writing projects I’m focused on, as well as an ever-increasing workload at my day-job. And then there are the things I help others with.

I have my hands full.

I’m doing a lot of writing in other arenas, even if it’s not showing up here. My hands hurt. My head, too, because I can’t get out the ideas that are in there, which are all pushing to get OUT.

And all along… here’s this blog, which I have neglected, pretty much, for weeks, now… months, really. Which I don’t like, but that’s how things have gone.

All the words… all the words…

It’s time for some pictures. Visuals. Time to do something that helps me navigate the non-verbal part of my life. To present something that really communicates about my experience.

New month, new approach.

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