Before everything was beautiful

New York, NY VM19XXW04201-11-MC
1953. New York, NY by Vivian Maier VM1953W03395-03-MC

We seem to have forgotten how things used to be.

We’re so accustomed to having everything be clean and lovely and plentiful, that when things aren’t at their peak, we get piqued.

Once upon a time, kids did not expect to all have the toys and gadgets and entertainments that are so plentiful today.

Once upon a time, a big empty box was the most wonderful thing you could ask for.

I was one of those kids.

I’m short on words today – I’m in a reading mood, not a blogging mood. I want long passages of complex thought, not a few paragraphs of passing impressions.

Those passing impressions are fine and good. I love them for what they are…

But today?

It’s dreary and raining, and I’m doing laundry. It’s been a long week.

So, I will retire to my living room and recline on my lovely sofa, and marvel at how much more clean and lovely and plentiful my present is, than my past was… and how much more there is, than I ever dared hope or dream as a kid who just wanted a big cardboard box to play with.


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