Conflicted on Twitter

I’ve had these same issues, myself, time and again. Twitter is only useful to me to the extent I can mute and block the “dust storms”, so I can actually see the stuff that’s valuable to me — research, links to blogs, extended reading material and various discoveries that I’d never find on my own.

I use LarryFilter to hide a lot of words in my browser, and I try to mute certain words in the Twitter settings. Those make things actually tolerable, so I can stay.

Flying yet falling

I’ve been having a few issues on Twitter recently.

One of the first pieces of advice I was given when it was confirmed that I am on the autistic spectrum was to go online. There are many, many autistic people sharing their experiences on social media, and the idea was that I could learn from them, gain support, and meet a few people.

I am no stranger to social media. I am in my 40s and am computer-literate. I was using message boards to chat to people frequently before Facebook and Twitter were invented.  I have many friends around the world on Facebook and already had a work-related Twitter account. I have used these media to connect with people for a variety of reasons in the past and so was open to trying this specifically with respect to meeting other autistic people. However I have been surprised at the type…

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