Wonderful weekend… now to survive it :)

child standing on a hill looking towards sunset with arms outstretched

I’ve had a really busy and really productive weekend. Things have really flowed for me, and I’m pleased with the outcomes.

So far, anyway.

The thing about my past 48 hours is that they’ve been the culmination of months and months of inactivity. I finally got some real work done on a project that had been languishing for many months. And it flowed. It really flowed.

I also re-connected with an old coding buddy of mine who has a startup thing happening. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity, but of course they’re just starting up, and I need a regular income. So, we won’t be working together much unless / until he gets on his feet and can compensate me for my time.

It could work.

It’s just not fully formed, yet.

I’m looking ahead to the coming week with great expectation. The three people who have been making my life extremely difficult with their competing agendas and conflicting information are both going to be away. One is on vacation for two weeks — woo hoo — one is getting married and won’t be back till August, and the other one is traveling all next week.

At last! Some peace and quiet at work. So, I can actually focus in and get some work done.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Of course, I have to replenish after this weekend. It’s been pretty arduous, to be honest. And I expect to feel it keenly, tomorrow. But tomorrow evening I have my autistic adults support group, so that’s going to be fun. And I’ll get to see my new friends again, in an environment that actually works for me.

All in all, life is pretty good, these days.

And for that I am deeply thankful.


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