To the parent whose child was just diagnosed with autism 

Great post! Very important for parents (as well as teachers) to hear.

the silent wave

Hi moms and dads 🙂

A little muse tapped me on the shoulder today to let me know that somebody out there needed to read this today. Naturally, when that muse speaks, I oblige. Because somehow, somewhere, she’s usually right.

So come on over and have a seat, and let’s talk.

You’ve just come from the psychologist’s or pediatrician’s office. They said the A-word. In connection with your child. Or rather, they dropped it on you and it might have weighed a ton of bricks.

You might be devastated, grieving for a child that will never be like you imagined. You might have felt all your dreams evaporate and vanish, like ghosts.

Relax. Seriously, it’s OK. You’ve got this. And even though you might not feel that way yet, you will.

I’m here to have the conversation with you that you need to have. The one that all the medical…

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