Sharing: Positively Autistic: A List of (Positive) Autistic Traits

Here’s a list of positive autistic traits I came across the other day from another autistic blog:

Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive about being autistic when so much of the presentation of autism focuses on our deficits. In a world that tells us all the ways we are “wrong”, I think it’s important to look at the many ways we are awesome.

As such, I have taken a list of autistic traits that was written by allistics and have rephrased everything to show our strengths and positives. As we are all unique human beings, not everything on this list will fit all of us. However, hopefully you will find some traits below that fit you and can help you feel better about your experience as an autistic person.

Also, this list in not meant to be all encompassing. There are many more autistic traits that have, I’m sure, been overlooked. Feel free to comment if there are traits you would like added to the list.

  • Differences in eye contact that allow for more observation of bodily movements and the environment

  • Knows physical boundaries and is willing to assert these boundaries regardless of social norms

  • Gets very excited during conversations and may be more physically expressive as a result, including moving closer to those involved in the conversation about the subject of interest

  • Prefers to listen and observe during conversation which gives others, who would prefer to speak, more space to do so

  • Has a unique sense of humor that may not match up with socially normative humor but is hilarious nonetheless

  • Takes words at face value and trusts that when others speak they are speaking their truth

  • Has expressive body language that differs from social norms but communicates just as much, if not more, than neurotypical body language

  • Prefers one on one or small group interaction to large groups

  • Finds ease of communication with other neurodivergent people

  • Sees connections and patterns that others may not

  • Values honesty over social norms

  • Has very high levels of empathy, particularly for animals

  • Has low levels of empathy which allow for more rational analysis of situation

  • Has fluctuating levels of empathy which allows for times of high connection to others as well as times of more disconnected rational thinking

  • Values time alone to reflect and relax as a part of self-care

And there’s even more! Read the full list here: Positively Autistic: A List of (Positive) Autistic Traits

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