The deep connective thinking of the autistic mind.

Yes to this. All of it.

The other side

Photo on 29-05-2017 at 14.34

I began thinking about this post through a personal reflection on the contribution of deep connective thought to innovation within my own projects.  My focus (naturally) is this style of thinking within the autistic mind and how it might connect to mainstream culture, yet remain unrecognised as autistic in origin.

The obvious follow on from these musings is that there exists a parallel history to mainstream narratives, one of hidden talent and industry which has powered (and continues to power) just about every area of human endeavour.  If our net is cast wider to include the entire gamut of neurodivergent minds, we can arrive at the following statements.

Traces of neurodivergent brain activity form a powerful (yet unspoken) web around the globe and across the ages. This web in past and present times supports all areas of human thought. If we turn this round 180 degrees, it can be argued…

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