A rare and remarkable success

I just came down for my attic. That is quite an accomplishment for me. Not like Emily Dickinson, where I stay up in the attic and never come down, quite the opposite. I’m terrified of my attic. We have a history. They were gray squirrels nesting in it when we moved in,  and they were miserable roommates. They sounded like galloping horses, first thing in the morning – and wouldn’t you know, they nest right over my bedroom. Not good. It took A freaking year and a half, replete with sticks and repellent and flashlights and baseball bats, to get them out. 

And then flying squirrels moved in. We had flying squirrels in the attic for nearly 10 years, and while they are very cute, they are also very energetic, and when they fly down from your attic and get into your house, chaos ensues.

But that’s another story for another time.

We did manage to get the flying squirrels out – mainly by keeping them from coming in. The house has a whole lot of holes and nooks and crannies that a teeny tiny mouse-like creature can crawl through, making themselves at home in the vast warm and cozy nest that is your attic.

Anyway, I hate how my attic is configured. It’s full of fiberglass insulation, which I know is not really great stuff to breathe, and that also means that I can’t use a lot of space for storage, Because you can’t compress the insulation, or it stops having good insulating qualities. That’s a problem, because for a house the size of ours, you would think that we would have more storage space. We don’t. It’s sad.
 But every now and then, I figure out something that I can take up to the attic and get out-of-the-way. I picked out an old coffee table, as well as a big plastic container with the top that snaps in place to take upstairs. The big plastic container has been taking up too much space in my study, and now that spring is here, I want my space back. The coffee table is just in the way. It needs to get out of the way.

Oh, one of the other problems with the attic is the mice. They get into everything, if it’s not closed up tight. And they tend to hang out in my attic, so anything I put up there has to be sealed up tight, or it should be otherwise impervious to mice. So, that’s more thinking I have to do – more thinking than I want to do – just figuring out what goes in the attic. 

Anyway, long story short, I figured out that the coffee table is too big and bulky to go upstairs. I have a walk-up to my attic, which means there are no regular stairs. It’s a ladder. Who comes up with these ideas? It makes no sense. How can you use your attic, if you can’t access it easily? It’s infuriating. So anyway, whatever goes up there needs to be easy to carry or push up the ladder. Also, at the top of the latter, the hoke for getting things in is not very big. It’s the right size for a very large man, not me and a clunky coffee table that weighs 40 pounds.

The coffee table did not go up into the attic.  But the big plastic container did. It was much lighter. And I got back down without injuring myself, without falling off the ladder – although I did slip and kind of banged my ear against the opening – and without letting any wildlife into the house.

I’m still afraid of my attic, but today it didn’t get the best of me. So there.


5 thoughts on “A rare and remarkable success

    1. VisualVox

      In Massachusetts, we’re not allowed to relocate them, so they just kill him. I think my approach is somewhat more humane one of the two. But thanks for the link to the Toronto wildlife information.


      1. Thank you for not killing wildlife. It is illegal to relocate wildlife in Ontario too. There are plenty of Ontario companies that release the animal in the yard. Massachusetts likely has the same policy.

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