Hooray! I can go to bed early tonight

I’ve had a very productive day today.  I got a bunch of reading and writing done this morning, I had a proper lunch, and I actually managed to complete my errands this afternoon. Now, my favorite dinner is on the stove, and I’m about to wind down for the day. There is nothing else left that I have to do, which means I can go to bed early, and sleep as long as I like. I will probably wake up around 6 AM, but at least I’ll get a headstart tonight.

I’m very pleased and relieved about one particular activity I finished this afternoon. A year ago, I bought a couple of display cases that I found by chance at a local antique shop. They cost about $50 each, and they were in really good shape. They’re wood with glass shelves, glass sides, and mirrors in the back, so they will be great for displaying the knickknacks that my partner and I have collected over the last 26 years.They also have lighting overhead, and I think that that is still functional, which will be nice, if it really works.

In typical “me fashion”, I went through the rigor of buying the cases, loading them into the back of the van, getting them home, finding a place in the basement for them, and storing them carefully, along with the glass for the shelves, intending to clean them up in short order. 

But as I often do, I put it off, because it just seems like too big of a job to take on. I had the cleaning supplies – glass cleaner and wood soap, along with a big bag of towels and rubber gloves – but I couldn’t get it together to actually clean them up until this weekend.

A year later.

I did manage to get them all shined up and sparkly, this afternoon, but there was drama. I forgot where I put the glass shelves! I was pretty panicked over it, and I launched into plan B – calling around to local hardware stores to see if they would cut glass for shelves, or maybe have Plexiglas that might work just as well, but be cheaper and easier to work with. I measured the dimensions for the shelves I needed, and I figured out how I would go about driving to the store, locating the person who handled the glass or Plexiglas, and then explaining to them what I was trying to do, and giving them the dimensions I had measured out. It was quite an undertaking in my mind, but I was ready.

Wonder of wonders, as I was cleaning up after myself and rearranging items near the cases, I spotted the carefully wrapped glass shelves that I had stored right near the cabinets. I couldn’t believe my good fortune! It was such a relief! I had looked all over the place for them, but it turns out, while I was rearranging Christmas decorations, I had put a box on top of them, so they were hidden from view. Now, I was saved! I wouldn’t have to go deal with the big box home-improvement store, I wouldn’t have to deal with the surly service guy who would invariably give me crap about having a project that some man wasn’t running for me, and I could basically get everything squared away in the comfort of my own home. Score!
I do still need to get some shelving brackets for one of the cases, but now I have nice clean shelves and nice clean cases, and they’re going to look fantastic.

I feel like such an adult, for a change. 

2 thoughts on “Hooray! I can go to bed early tonight

    1. VisualVox

      Thanks! I did. I’m so pleased with the results of my work – took me longer than I expected, but that’s just because I didn’t factor in all the variables — including getting the wrong sized hardware at the store, and needing to make a second trip because I didn’t read the labels closely enough. A lesson I’m more likely to remember next time, since it was such a pain in the neck. The cabinets look about as fantastic as can be expected, I have to say.

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