Careful with autism 

One big yin-yang, for sure!

the silent wave

This post was inspired by Rhi’s lovely post “An Autistic Anniversary“. While reading it, my brain saw a butterfly and chased after it, like my brain tends to do.

Brains these days.

I fully realize that it’s been a year since my Asperger’s/autism spectrum discovery. And while I fully realize that, I guess I haven’t fully processed it. Every time I think I have, some new revelation emerges from the trees. Or the wind. Or the mountainous hills of which I live on the edge, in more ways than one.

Which means I’m still processing, which for me, involves reframing.

I realize that some might be saying, “good lord, girl, enough already!”

And after a year, they’re probably within their rights to say such a thing. Or maybe they don’t have that right, and could only earn that right if they could climb inside my head and hang…

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