The body is the vehicle – vessel – the path

Rather than the body being
collateral damage in
this process of awakening,
it is instrumental.

The biggest shift in the entire
process of Waking Up to the
new reality is realizing
the body is the vector
for enlightenment. It is
literally the delivery mechanism
by which we experience
the vastness of
who we really are.

– Lori Ann Lothian


3 thoughts on “The body is the vehicle – vessel – the path

  1. Liberty of Thinking - Moshe Ben Yehuda

    What we oftentimes forget when talking about the neurobiology of autism/Asperger’s, is the very fact that the brain is not only part of the body, but it’s processor, useless nevertheless without the sensorial ‘ports’ and the rest of the ‘hardware’. Unfortunate surgical/traumatic necessities left some individuals without massive parts of their brains, up to walnut sizes. And while true that the left brain matter adapted to the resizing, all remaining functions were reduced to bare minimum functionality, which means that the connectedness of ‘mind’ and body is much more complicated and interconnected than many would think…
    Nice 🙂

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