Autism’s Love

This sounds so familiar. I need to buy more bookshelves to make room for my stuff and clear out space on some of my work surfaces. I’ve literally had to move to a different room of the house to write, due to the… Amalgamation of everything I love. Because you’re right — the sound of glass smashing in the recycling bin is lovely. I need to do that more often, and savor the experience!

Autism and Expectations

I am a hoarder.

I should probably write a self-help book, but I’d just hoard that too.

My parents were hoarders before me, so I can’t just blame my neurotype.

I was lucky enough to hear the wonderful Susan Kruse speak recently about her ideas on Autistics and Love. I’m going to paraphrase clumsily, but it’s based on the idea that our brains light up in the same way for objects as they do for people.

Rather than proving that Autistics see people as unemotionally as they do objects, Susan suggests that it proves the opposite. It proves the great love we have for things as well as people. Please read her love letters to inanimate objects. They are divine.This one is my favourite. They make me sigh.

It turns out that I am twice-cursed. Cursed by an upbringing that taught me to always ask, “But what if…

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