Autism Poetry

A beautiful poem on a beautiful day!

Autism and Expectations

I always struggle to write poetry specifically about autism. How do you write about a process? You end up bogged down in the behaviours that result from it, instead of the thing you were trying to focus on.

These are last night’s headscribbles. I hope you enjoy them.

When I try to write

About the autistic

My brain slips.

Because it isn’t in the eye

Or the ear;

It’s the bit between there and here.

The interlocking process,

The wandering thoughts,

It’s the aggravation at derailment,

It’s the creased brow,

It’s the losing the thread in the billions of threads

But finding yours in seconds,

It’s the cleanness of honesty,

And the curled lip at deception,

It’s the spoon that dips in and scoops out the words,

It’s the taste of wood sorrel,

It’s following a bumble bee,

It’s putting all the pieces together in an instant

But not knowing…

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