Taking the ‘pity’ out of ‘serendipity’ 

I second this. And third. And fourth.

the silent wave

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that up until last night, I didn’t know what the word “serendipity” meant. I actually had to go look up the word in order to write this post with some kind of confidence that I wouldn’t look like a goof for using the word wrong–or the wrong word. (I’m not ashamed to admit–nor am I above admitting–that (lol).)

I’m really glad I did! It basically means to make a desirable discovery by accident.

Talk about synchronicity (another one of my favorite words)! Isn’t that what I’ve been talking about all week (well, OK–sprinkled throughout the almost-400 blog posts this whole year)?

Last summer, a mere three months to the day after my own Asperger’s/autism spectrum discovery, I ventured out to attend my 20-year high school reunion. I met up with a few people from my past (wow–some of the most popular kids actually do think…

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