Low on Words

I, too, lose words. Usually when I can least afford to — like when I’m at work, trying to make an important point. Ah, well. So it goes. At least I have kind, patient people around me here.


When things get hectic, stressful, or busy I often will get low on words. This isn’t the same thing as losing words completely, but my ability to effectively communicate becomes lessened.

I began writing this post months ago, but April’s interactions with non-Autistics have already stolen many of my words so it’s very relevant right now. It helps that I’d already written most of this ahead of time during post-low words times.

I often start to notice my word tank being close to empty when there are more misunderstandings than usual. After a few increased incidences, I will begin to wonder if it’s me and not the other people, after all.

Usually it is me when there’s a pattern like that, although interactions this month seem to be an exception to that general rule. I’m also learning more about how allistics (non-Autistics) also contribute to misunderstandings in their own ways.

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