Interesting: The Brain Difference That Allows People With Autism To Pick Up Tiny Details | The Huffington Post

Sigh – person-first language alert. But otherwise, interesting. More to come about this… Give me a few minutes.

Many children with autism have an incredible ability to pick up on minute details within their environment, such as being able to identify dozens of brands of vacuum cleaners from their sound alone or to detect a single book out of place on a bookshelf.

This superior ability to observe details can often come at the expense of being able to integrate those details into a bigger picture. New research suggests that this tendency may be rooted in increased symmetry between the left and right sides of the brain.

Read the full article here: The Brain Difference That Allows People With Autism To Pick Up Tiny Details | The Huffington Post


6 thoughts on “Interesting: The Brain Difference That Allows People With Autism To Pick Up Tiny Details | The Huffington Post

  1. Interesting, but any study that focuses on children and ignores developmental processes over the lifespan is going to overgeneralize. The trees are my path to the forest, but I’m not sure that was true when I was very young. Surely, learning to construct forests is something that comes with increasing maturity.

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    1. VisualVox

      I agree. We all change over time, as we grow. Perhaps in some ways we actually evolve “towards” different neurotypes. Or perhaps not. The significant thing to me is the underlying structure/orientation. We just need more adult studies on top of this. With this start, it’s more likely to happen — I just worry that someone will use this study as a reason to try to alter our brain development early on, in hopes of “curing” us.

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      1. It does seem as if it’s easier to look at differences as disadvantages than potential advantages. If you consider that aspies are supposedly “big picture” people, you have to ask how that gibes with the idea that autism means focus on small details. There’s a gap there that isn’t being explored, and it may be a vital one.

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      2. VisualVox

        I agree. It seems to me, sometimes, that the key difference with us is that, whatever we do, we do with an intensity that makes other people shake their heads and ask “Why?” But to us, it’s self-evident. Because!


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