The Asperger’s / autism spectrum ~ the next evolutionary step?

Personally, I think the surge in autism (if there is one) can be a result of better pre-natal care, better nutrition, medical advances, and pregnant women taking better care of themselves (no drinking, no smoking, or just limited exposure). We’re the result of doing things right. And the folks who think we’re wrong just might be relics of a past age that they actually always wanted to get beyond.

the silent wave

The first time I heard this theory, it came from my partner, many years ago.  As usual, the threads of the same theory had been assembling in my head, too, but given my then-unknown tendency to separate thought from words/language, I could never quite express it.  When he proposed it, however, this instantly sparked the union of those thoughts and words.  I knew precisely what he meant.

Of course, neither of us made the connection to the Asperger’s/autism spectrum back then, but only because we didn’t know.  We had barely heard the term “Asperger’s”, and we knew the word “autism”, but for us, it conjured up the same imagery that it does for most people today, and back then, that certainly didn’t seem to hold any resemblance to a higher rung on the evolutionary ladder.  We seriously didn’t know.

What he had said, however, was that there had been certain…

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14 thoughts on “The Asperger’s / autism spectrum ~ the next evolutionary step?

    1. VisualVox

      Yeah, I mean – all these parents go to such great lengths to take care of their babies before they’re born… then they show up more evolved than prior generations, with unique skills and abilities impossible in prior generations, and everybody’s like … Whooooah! Disorder! Disability! DSM-V!

      Please. You asked for us. Here we are. No going back, now.

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      1. This field was intentionally left blank

        “Everybody” wants kids (“like omg NOW!”) and they don’t plan well, they don’t think it through, so when we show up, they’re not prepared to handle us. And heaven forbid that we might be a little different. “Oooh! Oooh! Pathology!! Disorder!! Because muh eye contact!” The part that bugs some of these arseholes the most is that some of us don’t give them the Mommy Warm Fuzzies that they were expecting. They feel almost personally rejected.

        Dude–an infant can’t reject you. A toddler doesn’t really, either.

        But Neuro-majority rules. And unfortunately, it often does so with gusto and ego.

        Some NTs get it. And they’re really awesome. Others are clueless and narcissistic, the extent of their concern for their kids only reaching as far as the fact that the kids are perceived as extensions of the parents themselves.

        And most NTs, I find, are somewhere in between. They want to do right by their kids, but they might be (usually are) listening to the wrong information sources. But there’s hope for some of them, too 😊

        Others are hopeless, wanting to bend their kids to proverbially gymnastic positions, and they won’t admit this openly (but they admit it–often–indirectly) that the driving force behind the desire to bend their children to conform to their wishes is to make the parents’ own lives easier. Never mind what that might (will) do to their kids.

        Sorry for the blog post–wait–was I ranting just a little back there? 😉❤️💜

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      2. VisualVox

        Not at all. As a matter of fact, I have another post coming up that talks about this. It’s in “draft” form – now have to muster the exec function to make it so. 😉

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