Words & What They Mean – Perseverate vs Rhapsodize

I like this approach much better.


I’ve been thinking a fair amount about the meanings of words since last night’s #AutBurnout chat.

One of the questions was about whether we use the term “special interests” or a different one. My response was:

I prefer “focused” to “special” = focused interest, current focus, or current topic(s) of interest are all terms I use. I also like the term “immersed” to describe how I feel when I pursue my current interest.

The term “special interests” doesn’t particularly bother me on a personal level, but I understand why others are bothered by it. It sounds a bit condescending and brings to my mind terms like “special snowflake” that are often used derogatorily.

Then, while the topic was already on my mind, earlier today on Facebook a friend of a friend mentioned that they didn’t have another word for “perseverate” when referring to how lovely it is when our mutual friend talks…

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