Depathologizing Asperger’s / autism ~ it’s a normal and healthy neurological orientation

Yes to this.

Oh – let’s not forget the exclamation point!

the silent wave

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a very long time.  The thought struck me sometime in April of this year, shortly after realizing that I was most likely on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.

At that time, a whole new world was opening its arms and welcoming me.

Suddenly, Asperger’s/autism was not what I thought it was–nothing at all.

Suddenly, my background in neurology, a fellowship program that I had stopped just short of completing, came to my side, as did my genomics (genetics) background.  The two came together to lightning-strike me with a sudden theory: Asperger’s/autism is a normal and healthy neurobiological/neurophysiological variant.

That’s right.  Autism is not a disease.  It’s not some “monster” that “locks us up” in a “cage” (at least, not for many of us).  It doesn’t “steal” us or “distort” who we are.  It doesn’t corrupt us, tangle us, or hover like dark clouds over…

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3 thoughts on “Depathologizing Asperger’s / autism ~ it’s a normal and healthy neurological orientation

    1. VisualVox

      You’re quite welcome! You’ve made my life a little easier today by blogging something I can reblog – and not have to type up myself. ‘Cause I’d prolly say very much the same thing. Lord knows, I’ve thought it…

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