Being Autistic is Everything – Autistic Acceptance

Hear hear!


Autism is pervasive. That’s the official term:


: existing in… every part of something

In my words, autism encompasses everything.

Autism is ubiquitous, inescapable (positive or negative), total, and complete in my life.

Autism is part of everything I do, think, and experience. Autism is part of everything that’s me. Being Autistic affects everything.

Autism is always present and it completes me.

If I wasn’t Autistic then I wouldn’t be myself.

Something that stunned me, upon finding writings by other Autistic people, was just how much I related to the things they wrote. This was similar to how I’d felt when I read Aspergirls and it was a very foreign feeling.

The more I read, the more my life made sense, and the more omnipresent I realized autism was.

When I was going through my memories and deciding what to talk about during my evaluation intake appointment, it was astounding how…

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