Why we need more than Autism ‘awareness’ … all year ‘round!

This is timely 🙂


“Oh but Jeanette, don’t say you’re Autistic. You could pass for normal”.

“Do you live at home with your mummy?”

“I taught a kid with Autism….’ (proceeds to tell me how they physically pushed said Autistic student’s chin up to force him to make eye contact and thought that was perfectly OK even when challenged)

“That is so ret*rded…..’ (followed by continued use of the R word over several weeks and required repeated explanation of why that word is equivalent to a horrible racial slur)

“Gee Jeanette, isn’t it good how [insert child in family with many Autistic members] is so normal.’

“Wow, you go to work. That was really nice of your employer to employ you. You are really lucky they took you on’

“Gee, your’e Autistic? I didn’t even realise anything was wrong with you.”

“You shouldn’t say you are autistic – I mean, you’re very mild.”


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