Please check this out – Welcome to my Brain: Letter to an Inanimate Object. No1

Letter to an Inanimate Object. No1

Dear Pencils and Pens,

I love you.

(If love is feeling happiness, gratitude, unchanging affection, a desire for the wellbeing of another and a joyful little physical sensation somewhere in the region of the diaphragm when looking upon the beloved, then I do. I love you.)

You have been my companions for 50 years.
Because of you I was able to draw feelings and emotions I didn’t know how to express any other way. We have told stories together and explored the world together. Our love affair began when I was such a little child and it has never gone away. I hope you are with me right until the end.

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5 thoughts on “Please check this out – Welcome to my Brain: Letter to an Inanimate Object. No1

  1. My ASD assessing psychiatrist asked me the other week, if I was happy… I asked her to define happiness, to which she looked really long at me… In the end I asked if a positive bank account balance would qualify, and as I got no reply I said that since I can’t boast of such 😜 we can move on… She also asked if I have hobbies, I said “my hobby is my mind, so philosophy, poetry, and stationaries”, and I really couldn’t make anything of her precious face, puzzled would be closest…
    And I love my pencils, tomorrow I’m getting a new holder from St. Amazon, a light blueish with many, many, many holds. Today I had a look through my stationary collection and found it lacking care, so tomorrow when my new holder comes, I’ll have a close encounter of the 3rd/4th kind 😉

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    1. VisualVox

      Nice. Love the pencils… stationery… organization. I need to organize my own study — I’ve been working downstairs all winter, because it’s warmer and quieter here, but I’ll be moving back upstairs in a few weeks, I expect. My workspace has been for storage all winter, and it shows. 😦

      Seems odd that your assessing psych is puzzled by what you said/asked. I’d expect her to be at least a little more clued in… ? Maybe? Dunno. It’s all a mystery to me. What do they teach these people, anyway?

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      1. Unfortunately, and I don’t mean to be mean, they assess based on ready questionnaires, looking after adjacent mental health issues, most of them are not ASD specialists, and if they are, there area of expertise is the psychiatric aspects of ASD, which it’s been clearly identified long ago as a neurobiological condition. That would require much more that questionnaires.
        Oh and tomorrow I’ll care for my fountain pen friends, too 😉

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